Rust Update 1.54: Take Part in the Exclusive Halloween Event

Rust just wouldn’t stay behind the trend, and that’s why they have released the Update 1.54, which will include an exclusive Halloween Event. It also includes a patch that solves key issues in the game, to bring its players a better experience. Here’s all you need to know about the latest update of the multiplayer survival game.

What is the Rust Update 1.54 about?

It’s an update that will solve several aspects of the Rust game such as crashes, bugs, improve gaming experience, and it will also integrate the Halloween Event 2022. From Halloween weapons to loot bags and candies, there’s a lot to do during this terrorific season at Rust!

The developers released this update in great synchronization with Halloween, so that we can enjoy a better gaming experience while taking part in a thematic, entertaining and highly-rewarding event. Now, let’s talk about the different aspects of this update in detail.

What is the Rust Update 1.54 Halloween Event 2022?

The Update 1.54 will integrate the Halloween Event in Rust, where you and the other players will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Take part in candy hunts every 1 to 2 hours (every day!)
  • Explore new portals
  • Collect as many candies as possible to win exclusive prizes (skins, loot bags, items, etc.)
  • Have a shoot at winning an M249 by opening loot bags
  • Get exclusive Halloween weapons such as the Sickle, Butcher Knife, and Pitchfork
  • Get exclusive Halloween apparel such as Mummy Suit, Scarecrow Suit, Crate Costume, and Barrel Costume
  • Get exclusive Halloween items such as Spider Webs, Coffins, Graveyard Fences and Gravestones.

As you can see, it all consists in taking part in candy hunts as many times as possible, so you can collect lots of candies and loot bags, that you can use to win skins, items, apparel and Halloween weapons. And it’s worth mentioning that you have the chance to win an M249, which you can gamble or sell for a good price at Rust gambling or skin trading sites.

If you want to know more about the Rust Halloween Event 2022, here you have a proper video about it:

What problems will the Rust Update 1.54 solve?

The Rust Update 1.54 addresses key issues in the gameplay and solves critical crashes that have bothered lots of Rust gamers for a while. Here’s what you need to know about the crashes:

  • Solved the crash when trying to show interaction menus
  • Solved the crash when joining various map seeds
  • Solved the crash that used to happen when firing a gun
  • Solved the crash when opening the Quick Crafting menu
  • Solved the annoying turrets inventory crash
  • Solved the select/use item crash.

These crashes really diminished the gameplay quality, but thanks to the Update 1.54, they’re long gone now. So that you can enjoy a better gaming experience during the Halloween 2022 Event and beyond!