A Danish Exclusive Final: The Upcoming Match Between Heroic vs. Astralis at BLAST Premier Fall Showdown

Thanks to their victory over Sangal (2-0), with a massive performance on Vertigo and Inferno, Heroic has gained its slot to fight against their compatriots of Astralis, to win the big prize of $425,000 USD of BLAST Premier Fall Showdown.

In this article, we’ll analyze this event and what it will mean for the great final of the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown.

How did it happen?

Simply put, Heroic managed to take down Sangal with a final score of 2-0. They won both Vertigo and Inferno with a scoreline of 16-11, bringing them a massive advantage of their competitors. Now Sangal has to content themselves with a 3rd or 4th place in the LAN Event, but it does not take away from their consistent performance during this tournament – especially with their victory over BIG.

If you want to watch the highlights of this match, then here you have a good summary:

Thanks to this victory, they’ve earned their right to advance to the phase of the BLAST Premier Fall Showdown, where they’ll face another Danish team, Astralis. Regardless of who becomes the champion, the prize of the tournament will go to Denmark.

According to analysts, Heroic was the clear favorite for this match, bringing bettors a clear panorama on the best betting otpions for this event. And the final score of 2-0 proved that the analysis was right.

When will the final between Heroic vs. Astralis happen?

The final of the BLAST Premier Fall Showndown will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark, from November 23 to November 27. The winner of this match will take home a huge prize of $425,000 USD, one of the biggest in the world of LAN events.

Now, the question is: what team is more likely to claim victory? If we go back in time, the last time both teams faced each other was at ESL Pro League Season 16, and in this event Heroic defeated Astralis with a final score of 2-1.

Truth be told, Heroic had to fight hard to pull out that result, meaning that Astralis is not a team to be understimated, especially now that this match will be sort of a revenge, motivating them even more to obtain a favorable result.

Therefore, when it comes to betting, you can pick Astralis as the underdog because sportsbooks are likely to place Heroic as the favorite pick.

All that’s left is to wait until the great final takes place, to see if Heroic can repeat the results from the ESL Pro League Season 16, or if Astralis manages to take revenge and win the full prize!