League of Legends – DRX’s Surprising Run into the Worlds 2022 Semifinals

As the playoffs are closer to an end, the Worlds 2022 promise to be one of the most epic tournaments in the history of LoL’s competitive stage. Starting on October 22th, team Gen.G avoided a reverse sweep from the DWG KIA team, but a comeback victory came in the next day. With the win, the LCK team was the last to qualify for the 2022 LoL Worlds Semifinals.

DRX vs. Gen.G – Chess Board Moves & Strategic Plays

Subsequently, team DRX faced Gen.G the next weekend while battling for a spot in the Grand Finals.
Both teams started cautiously and carefully studied each other before making their first moves. XRD won, but their plans were thwarted after a nice performance from Scout (Azir) and BeryL (Heimerdinger).

Shortly after, Scout landed a Triple Kill with another great face-off, putting EDG ahead on the scoreboard. XRD tried to make a comeback but ended up losing all fights, to the point where EDG got enough space and ended up with the first duel.

EDG Closes the Gap in the Second Match

In the second game, EDG went on to beat DRX in a close match. The match started with teams playing in a similar rhythm but DRX eventually took the lead after approximately 10 minutes.

At the 33-minute mark, EDG held the game tight, largely because of the siege made by Scout (Azir) and Viper (Aphelios). In a fierce contest fight, Deft went all-or-nothing with a teleport move directly into the opposing team’s base. However, Deft was killed and EDG closed the match with another victory on their score.

Unbound, Unbent, Unbroken – DRX Takes the Pressure to the Next Level

With an armored mindset and not shaken by the past defeat, DRX came with blood in their eyes for the third match. The game started at a slower pace, but EDG started to lead after 20 minutes.
With Draven putting out strong moves, DRX took advantage of all the pressure made by the shooter and ended the match.

The fourth match of the series was fought off carefully by both teams, which led to a balanced series of precise moves and plenty of no-kill encounters until the 30-minute mark.

When the battle finally erupted, DRX was able to claim the Hextech Dragon Soul, which was a fundamental condition to set up the stage in favor of the team. As expected, the score started to lean further and further toward the XRD side.

With amazing plays from Pyosik (Sejuani), DRX won every fight they faced during the match and the team got enough kills to end it with a victory.

DRX Beats EDG and Advances to the Worlds 2022 Semifinals

In the last game of the series, Zeka (Sylas) took the spotlight on himself, destroying Scout (Akali) completely. While Viper (Aphelios) was responsible for holding the game for EDG, Zeka soloed Scout in side lanes, applying pressure and opening up the map.

DRX beat EDG in one of the most exciting series in the championship’s history. With the result, DRX advances to the big stage as a semifinalist. The Worlds 2022 is back to action starting tomorrow (October 29th) with matchups that will decide which teams will be in the Grand Finals.