IEM Rio Major: Pick’em Giveaway with More Than 350 Skins

While cheering for your favorite team at IEM Major Rio 2022, you can still win free skins in CS:GO by participating in the Pick’Em. This is the Major’s prize pool that will give away more than 350 skins to the players with the highest score!

The prize pool is not complex to understand – fans must choose the teams that will pass the phase in the Major. At each stage of the tournament, a new round of possible choices is released, and players receive two points for each accurate guess.

At the end of the tournament, the remaining players are allocated to a certain division according to the number of points obtained. Then, the skins of that division finally become eligible for the luckiest ones, which can withdraw the items via

How to Participate in th IEM Rio Major Pick’Em Challenge

There are no strict requirements for fans who want to participate in this special prize pool. All our readers need to do is visit the website and log in with a valid Steam account.

This special event is completely free, so CS:GO fans do not need to pay a dime and still have the chance to drop valuable skins. The’s website dashboard is super intuitive, so no one can miss this incredible opportunity.

Once you’re properly logged into the site, choose and drag the teams that you think will score 3-0, those that will score 0-3, in addition to those that will qualify for the next stage with other results. Simply put, the logic is quite similar to CS:GO match betting.

As the battle begins at the world’s biggest CS:GO tournament, you must come back to the site at each stage and “place your bets” for the Challenger Stage, Legends Stage, and also the Playoffs.

IEM Rio Major’s Pick’em Challenge – Amazing Rewards & Prizes

For each accurate “bet,” users receive two points. At the end of the prize pool, will distribute more than 350 skins among players based on their general score.
These skins will be divided into three categories, based on the rarity level associated with the participants’ scoreboard.

Whoever gets at least 10 points is in the “Silver” category, whoever gets 20 points enters “Gold”, and whoever gets 30 points enters Diamond. As expected, the Diamond category offers the best skin prizes.
Skins like the StatTrakā„¢ Falchion Knife Doppler (FN), Hydra Gloves Case Hardened (MW), AWP Chromatic Aberration (FN), AWP Hyper Beast (FN), and others are among the rarest skins that will be distributed in this generous giveaway.

The distribution of the skins will take place on November 14th and announced on’s Twitter account.
It is worth remembering that all these incredible prizes are available for free, which means winning chances depend on the participant’s knowledge of the highest level of the competitive CS:GO scene and the ability to “bet” as precisely as possible.