League of Legends – EG Announces Departure of Turtle and Other Staff Members

Undoubtedly, the Evil Geniuses are listed among the most important teams of the LCS League of Legends in North America.

On October 26th, the well-established eSports firm announced the departure of four members of its coaching staff, including the Brazilian Gabriel “Turtle,” who served as the team’s coach and analyst for almost two years. Earl “Rigby,” Connor “Artemis” and Sebastien “ZzzLegendary” are also leaving the organization.

A Brief Look Back at Turtle’s Run with the Evil Geniuses

After working with the EG coaching staff since December 2020, Turtle had been promoted to the head coach position in January this year, replacing British Peter Dun, who at the time became head of the LoL coaching staff.

Turtle arrived at Evil Geniuses to provide services as a strategic analyst, being part of Dun’s technical committee. Dun was already a seasoned leading coach with experience at CBLOL and commanded INTZ between 2015 and 2017.

The results of the North American team in the Brazilian’s first season as an analyst were not expressive, with the team finishing in 5th place in both splits.

In the first split of 2022, Turtle became the head coach and decided to guide the Evil Geniuses alongside Rigby as his assistant coach. It was in that championship that Evil Geniuses won their first LCS title, beating the tough 100 Thieves teams with a 3-0 score in the finals.

At MSI 2022, the team dropped to RNG in the playoffs. In the second split of 2022, Rigby became EG’s sole head coach, while Turtle took over as assistant coach. The team finished third in the LCS and was eliminated in the group stage of Worlds 2022. Ironically, Peter Dun also left the team in October 2022.

Founded in 1999 as a Quake Team, Evil Geniuses is one of world’s the most traditional eSports firms established in North America. Over the years, the team collected championships and victories in the most competitive eSports leagues.

The Future is Bright – Turtle Shares his Optimistic Thoughts on Twitter

Turtle used his Twitter account to share his feelings on the new phase. The master strategist stated, “I don’t have enough words to express how amazing and how grateful I am for these last 2 years, EG gave me the best opportunity I could have asked for coming from a minor Region in 2021.”

He added that “I finish this chapter happy and proud of what we achieved in 2022. I still feel that I could have done way better and this is my motivation to be even better for next year!”

Back in his native Brazil, Turtle started to work as a coach in 2018, when he retired from the role of Hunter at CNB and started to dedicate himself to improving his coaching skills. At the time, he had stints with the coaching staff of Vivo Keyd and CNB.