ESL Pro Tour 2023 Schedule Announced on Twitter

On October 27th, ESL revealed the competition calendar for the ESL Pro Tour 2023 circuit, the biggest series of pro-level tournaments in the CS:GO scene. The announcement of the full schedule planned for the next season was made through the German tournament organizer’s Twitter account. Overall, the circuit will encompass more than 40 competitions next year.

ESL Pro Tour 2023 Schedule – Looking Closer

As expected, the traditional IEM Katowice and IEM Cologne will be held in January and July, respectively. Additionally, three other IEM series championships will be held: one in Dallas, repeating what was seen in 2022, and another two with venues to be defined later.

Malta will host the two ESL Pro League seasons that will be held in 2023 – the 17th and 18th seasons. Ultimately, the ESL Challenger stages in at least three different countries are also part of the calendar dedicated to face-to-face combats.

The first location to host an offline contest – formerly called the DreamHack Open – is yet to be defined, although it is already known that such a competition will be held at the end of April.

Hannover, in Germany, will host the second contest in June. Jönköping, Sweden, was already confirmed as the stage for the ESL Challenger at the end of November, and Atlanta, in the United States, will perfectly close the season in December.

Four seasons of the ESL Challenger League will be played in three distinct regions: Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. Last but least, ESL competitions held at the national level will have two editions in 2023.

ESL Pro Tour 2023 – Full Schedule & Details

Considered the most successful CS:GO league, the ESL Pro Tour is an open ecosystem that connects all ESL tournaments held around the world.

To climb up through the EPT’s ranking system, the teams must endure severe competition to claim the title of “Champions.” The Championships are considered the pinnacle of the CS:GO pro-level scene. Check the full ESL Pro Tour 2023 schedule below:

EPT Masters and Championship Series Tournaments:

  • IEM Katowice 2023 – January 31st to February 12th
  • ESL Pro League S17 – February 21th to April 2nd
  • IEM Spring 2023 – April 17th to 23rd*
  • IEM Dallas 2023 – May 29th to June 4th
  • IEM Cologne 2023 – July 25th to August 6th
  • ESL Pro League S18 – August 15th to September 24th
  • IEM Fall 2023 – October 16th to 22nd*

EPT Challenger Series Tournaments:

  • ESL Challenger League S44 – January 17th to March 26th
  • ESL Challenger #52 – April 28th to 30th*
  • ESL Challenger League S45 – April 4th to May 28th
  • ESL National Championships – April to June
  • ESL Challenger Hannover 2023 – June 9th to 11th
  • ESL Challenger League S46 – July 11th to September 17th
  • ESL Challenger League S47 – October 3rd to December 10th
  • ESL National Championships – October to December
  • ESL Challenger 2023 Jönköping – November 24th to 26th
  • ESL Challenger Atlanta 2023 – December 15th to 17th

Venue still undefined*