Discover Which Were The Top Selling Games and Consoles of September 2022 – Exclusive Report

Finally we have the stats about the best selling games and consoles of September 2022, and we’ll share them with you in this new delivery. This will help us to see where the gaming world is heading to, by checking the current trends – basically, just follow the route of the money.

How much money did the games and consoles industry generate in September 2022?

According to the latest stats, the video games industry generated over $4B USD in sales in September 2022. Even though it looks like an extraordinary sum, it’s smaller by 4% in comparison to September 2021. This is most likely due to the lift of COVID-19 restrictions, which means people go out more and spend less time at home as a result. Impacting activities such as videogames.

However, we saw an important increase in the sales of consoles (hardware), especially when it comes to Xbox Series X|S and PS5. Even though videogames sales were down, the investment in consoles keeps in the industry going strong. According to the PS community, the improved supply of PS5 has made it easier for gamers to purchase the consoles.

What have been the top selling games of September 2022?

Even though the sales of videogames have been a bit slower during this month, the absolute king has been FIFA 23. Now, here’s the official ranking:

  • FIFA 23
  • Madden NFL 23
  • NBA 2K23

Since the FIFA World Cup is literally around the corner, it’s easy to see why FIFA 23 has been going strong even in a bearish month for videogames sales. And we can expect it to remain as one of the most popular titles in October 2022, since the sentiment is still strong, even more now that the World Cup will start in just a few weeks.

If you want to see why FIFA 23 is actually a solid game beyond the pump of the World Cup, here you have a proper review:

What have been the top selling consoles of September 2022?

PS5 completely dominated the ranking of the top selling consoles of September 2022, mainly due to the better supply that has made it easier for fans to purchase their own PS5. If we go back in time, it was really hard to land your hands on a PS5 console – now it’s a lot easier and even more affordable.

Even though PS5 is the top selling star of September, it’s worth mentioning that both Nintendo Switch and XBox reported a significant volumen of sales.

When it comes to accessories, XBox registered the highest number of sales (both in units and in dollars), thanks to the carbon black controller. Regardless of this achievement, the market for accessories of September 2022 has been notoriously flat in comparison to September 2021.