IEM Rio Major 2022 – Valve Releases the Event’s Viewer Passes & Stickers

With the Brazilian Major getting closer and closer, Valve Corp. finally released the long-awaited Major update dedicated to this year’s most important CS:GO tournament.

On October 20th, Valve started the sales of items related to the IEM Rio Major. As all the preparations are set for the event to take place on October 13th, die-hard CS:GO fans are free to purchase exclusive Stickers from the event.

The recent update included both Stickers from the Teams and Player Autograph editions, as well as the Viewer Pass. After purchasing a Viewer Pass, fans have access to the Major Pick’Ems Challenge, Event Coins, and Souvenir Packages.

No Pain No Gain – How Much Do Fans Have to Pay for a Major Viewer Pass?

The price of the Viewer Pass varies depending on the rewards associated with it. While the pass alone costs approximately $10, the pass including Souvenir Tokens costs up to $18.

Users can also drop these unique tokens by participating in Pick’Ems challenges or purchase them in-game after activating the pass. The standard price paid for a Souvenir Token in-game is around $3.
Stickers Capsules dedicated to the Team or Player Autograph categories have 8 teams each, which are divided by their seeding at the event.

Users interested in the traditional capsules dedicated to the Legends, Challengers, and Contenders can purchase a capsule for $1 apiece. The Champions category will be released only after the Major is over, as these capsules will include commemorative-edition stickers to celebrate the event’s winning team.

A Time to Celebrate – Aleksib’s Special Homage to Gaules

One of the special stickers released in this update was the one dedicated to pro-player Aleksi “Aleksib” Virolainen from Ninjas in Pajamas. The Finnish decided to pay homage to world-class CS:GO streamer Alexandre “Gaules.”
Not surprisingly, there would be no better moment to celebrate this friendship, considering the IEM Rio Major will take place in Gaules’ native country.

As soon as he found out about the tribute, Gaules used his Twitter account to share an image of the sticker and tagged the captain of Ninjas in Pajamas. In response, Aleksib tweeted back joking: “For you.”

While Brazilians are 100% prepared to host the world’s most celebrated CS:GO tournament, players and fans spread all over the world can indulge in the new Stickers and Passes released by Valve.

IEM Rio Major 2022 – Dates & Prizes

The Intel Extreme Masters Season XVII – Rio Major 2022 will take place between October 31 and November 13, 2022. On the first day, world-class teams like Vitality and Cloud9 will go against each others’ throats to get a spot in the Top 16.

No matter the position or status, all teams are preparing for this super competitive battle with a $1,250,000 prize pool at the finish line. Similar to other Major events in the past, 50% of the proceeds obtained from the sale of event-related items will be directed to the teams and players featured on them.