Team Brazil vs. Team Sweden – IEM Major Rio 2022 Will Host Exclusive Showmatch

The Brazilian line-up that made history by winning two CS:GO Majors will face a historic group of Swedish CS:GO players featuring names such as F0rest, Get_Right, Friberg, and JW.

Recently, the ESL revealed the lineups that will compete in the showmatch between Team Brazil and Team Sweden at the IEM Major Rio 2022. In response to massive requests from fans, Brazil’s native team will feature a two-time world champion formation from 2016 with Fallen, Fer, Coldzera, TACO, and Fnx.

On the other side, the Swedish team will also bring together several legends who have won multiple world titles – F0rest, Get_Right, Friberg, Olofmeister, and JW. While F0rest, Get_Right, and Friberg formed a historic trio playing for Ninjas in Pajamas in the past, Olofmeister and JW were one of the best duos that ever played on Fnatic.

A Dual of Giants – When Will the Teams Face Each Other?

This historic duel will take place on November 13, 2022, just before the event’s Grand Finals. It is crucial to remember that while none of the players from the Swedish team qualified for the CS:GO World Cup held in the “Wonderful City,” all the Brazilian players have officially qualified for the competition.

Fallen and Fer are part of Imperial Esports’ starting lineup, while Fnx offers a solid contribution as the organization’s head coach. Coldzera and TACO, on the other hand, will compete in the IEM Major wearing the 00 Nation jacket.

Therefore, if Imperial or the double-zero team surprisingly reaches the final dispute, the possibility of changes in the line-up of Team Brazil automatically increases, especially considering the much-needed preparation for the Major’s D-day.

“It’s Going to be Special,” Says FalleN

In a recent post on Twitter, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo talked about the showmatch between both teams. Consisting exclusively of Brazilian and Swedish CS:GO legends, the battle will take place on the stage of the IEM Rio Major 2022, on November 13th.

“It will be very special to play with this unique group once again”, he tweeted. “Not to mention facing the legendary Swedes that we’ve battled against together in the past”, added the Brazilian player.

Comparing the Dueling Teams – Background & Stats

A brief comparison in terms of achievements shows that both teams are highly prepared for the match. Both teams feature players boasting at least one successful participation at a CS:GO Major in the past.

Fallen, Fern, Coldzera, TACO, and Fnx won MLG Columbus 2016 representing team Luminosity and ESL One Cologne 2016 playing for SK Gaming. Meanwhile, F0rest, Get_Right, and Friberg won ESL One Cologne 2014 for Ninjas in Pajamas.

Olofmeister won two Majors playing for Fnatic – the ESL One Katowice 2015 and the ESL One Cologne 2015. At the end of the day, JW is the only player on the list with three CS:GO Majors under his belt, all won by Fnatic. In addition to the 2015 World Cups (Katowice and Cologne) won while playing alongside Olofmeister, the Swede won the DreamHack Winter 2013 alongside Flusha, Devilwalk, Pronax, and Schneider.