Has Worlds 2022 “killed” LoL on Twitch? – Tyler1 Agrees and Explains Why

Twitch celebrity Tyler1 commented that Worlds 2022 has decisively “murdered” the North American League of Legends Twitch scene, and he bases his comments on the declining viewership. And we have to say that the numbers seem to support his claims.

Tyler1 has always been critical of LoL

Tyler1 is popular for critizing League of Legends and the devs behind it. And his comments have also been made against popular influencers that play the game on Twitch.

Even though he’s been biased against LoL a lot of times, his latest comments are actually supported by clear evidence, and that’s the plummeting viewership numbers on Twitch. Compared to last year, it’s down by a terrifying 40%!

In case you missed his rant, here you have a good recap on it:

How Has Worlds 2022 hurted LoL on Twitch?

Tyler1 argues that Worlds 2022 has “killed” LoL on Twitch due to the scheduling conflicts, which has affected the North American LoL streamers since it’s very hard for viewers from Korea and Europe to catch up.

Based on this, it’s easy to see why the downtrend is still going strong, because if you make it difficult for the fans to watch the matches, then it’s logical that the vieweship numbers will keep suffering.

If we look Tarzaned’s viewership, one of the top LoL streamers on Twitch, we’ll see that his numbers have dropped by more than 50% – and that’s something the community should worry about.

A LoL “bear market” that’s been here for a while

Even though Tyler1’s comments have put these issues on the spotlight, this kind of “bear market” in terms of LoL viewership on Twitch has been here for a while. If we go back to the beginning of the year, we’ll see that we had approximately 248,000 concurrent viewers. Now, traveling forward to September 2022, we’ll find that the viewership crashed down to 159,000 concurrent viewers… a decrease of nearly 35%!

Many fans were happy that Worlds 2022 would be hosted in North America, but the evidence clearly shows that it’s been a mistake. It makes it too complex for audiences from other countries to keep up with the matches, hurting Twitch streamers as a result and damaging the LoL community.