Machine Is Back on the IEM Rio Major Lineup

And that’s it, Machine is officially back on the IEM Rio Major Talent Lineup, as a part of the 24 talented picks that will be in charge of bringing the action to life in the event.

The list of the talents for the upcoming Major in Brazil has finally been revealed, and it has shared with us the names of the 24 high-profile picks designated to guide the vieweres through this official Valve event, which is one of the few hosted outside of North America or Europe:

When will the event start?

Machine’s comeback has left many fans truly satisfied, and we’ll be able to see him starting Monday, October 21. The event will conclude on Sunday, November 13 after a two-week run, which will conclude with a majestic Grand Finale, where three teams will compete to see who’s the best. 

Also known as the “$1,250,000” tournament, it’s guaranteed to bring a lot of action to the table, especially now that big names like “Machine” are officially back on the lineup.

With such an amazing prize in play, we can expect the teams to fight to death to win it. There’s a lot of big names that will not only play for the money, but also for the honor and to prove that they’re the very best of the best nowadays.

Who else is going to be part of the IEM Rio Major lineup?

Machine is only one of the great names that will guide the viewers throughout the event. Let’s start by revealing who will occupy the seats of the desk hosts:

  • Freya “⁠Freya⁠” Spiers
  • Jasmine “Veracity” Kanuga.
  • Pala “⁠Mantrousse⁠” Gilroy Sen
  • Tres “⁠stunna⁠” Saranthus.

We have to say that this is a pretty good lineup for the desk hosts, and in addition to that, we’ll have a team of 8 names that will run the casting side of the event. Commanded by the Machine and SPUNJ, we’re set to have a great show.

When it comes to commentators, we have “launders”, “Scrawny” and “Sadokist”, and we’ll also be able to see “Hugo”, “JustHarry” and “moses”.

Now, talking about the analytics and all the data-heavy stuff, we’ll have “YNk”, “Maniac” and “Mauisnake” commanding the scene. They’ll also work alongside “peacemaker”.

The person in charge of conducting the interviews will be “BanKs”, assisted by “Heccu” and “sjokz”. 

As we can see, we’re set to have a great team covering the IEM Rio Major, which is expected to be one of the hottest CS:GO events of the last years – especially now that Valve has given Brazil the opportunity to host the tournament.