All The Way Up – Outsiders Celebrate Its First Victory in a CS:GO LAN Tournament (ESL Challenger Rotterdam 2022)

Outsiders has been making huge movements in the World Rankings, especially now that Vitality dethroned FaZe by taking the NO. 1 spot. And now they’ve claimed their first victory in a CS:GO LAN Tournament, more precisely the ESL Challenger Rotterdam 2022.

Here you’ll find the details on how this happened and what it means for the future of Outsiders and the rest of teams competing for the first places in the World Rankings.

How did it happen?

In that’s considered an almost “flawless” run, Outsiders became the undisputed champion of the ESL Challenger Rotterdam, obtaining $50,000 USD in prizes while also qualifying for the ESL Pro League Conference Season 17.

During the group stage, Outsiders only lost one match against ENCE, but it didn’t stop the team from making it to the next stages, concluding in its absolute victory of the LAN tournament.

The most important takeaways from Outsiders’s participation have been:

  • Defeated Fluxo twice!
  • Defeated MOUZ with a decisive in on Mirage (16-9)
  • The team took revenge on ENCE by defeating them in the grand finale!

The grand finale was a clear win for Outsiders, since they won in Dust 2 (16-8) and Vertigo (16-14). Without any doubts, Outsiders has shown an spectacular performance that has left their fans pretty happy and the audience in awe.

An analysis of the ESL Challenger Rotterdam 2022

Based on what you’ve already read, it’s easy to tell that the ESL Challenger Rotterdam 2022 has been a rollercoaster of emotions for the teams and fans. We had high level teams such as Movistar Riders, Outsiders, Eternal Fire, MOUZ, and ENCE, which brought us fantastic battles.

We also had newer teams like Nixuh, Fluxo, and LOS + oNe, which also had an excellent performance. Especially Fluxo, which fought two times against the champion Outsiders.

You can watch the grandfinale right here, to see how good of a tournament it was:

What does it mean for the future of Outsiders?

Now that Outsiders has won a slot in the ESL Pro League Conference Season 17, it has a clear shot at qualifying for the ESL Pro League Season 17. Will they have the same performance? None can answer that, but based on what we have seen, there’s a good chance for Outsiders to surprise us all once again, and who knows, perhaps claim victory again.