ESL Impact League – FURIA and B4 Qualify for the Grand Finals in Sweden

FURIA and B4 are qualified for the CS:GO ESL Impact League Season 2 Finals. On October 23, the teams of Karina “kaah” and Julia “julih” beat both MIBR and Black Dragons during the playoffs of the South American qualifiers and guaranteed their spots in the next edition of the ESL Impact League, which will be held in Sweden within a few weeks.

The Brazilian teams will join CLG (North America), Nigma Galaxy (Russia), EG Gold (USA), ATK (South Africa), NOFEAR5 (Russia), and HSG (Asia) to complete the competitors’ roster. The Russians from Nigma Galaxy are the favorites to win the title, especially as the FURIA team came second behind them twice in Valencia and Dallas.

Growing Stronger – FURIA Girls Show True Grit and Roll Over MIBR

The first semifinal match was fought between FURIA and MIBR, one of the great classics of the pro-female CS:GO scene. The best-of-three series began with MIBR winning 16-14 in Dust2, the tightest match of all three.

At Nuke, the team that came out ahead was FURIA, while the score was 9-6 for the Brazilian girls. In the final run, MIBR only managed to win one round on the terrorist side, and FURIA seized the advantage to close the map with a 16-7 score.

The third map, Mirage, was similar to the previous one. FURIA played consistently throughout the rounds and won 16-7. With a 2-1 victory, the team secured Brazil’s first spot in the ESL Impact finals.

B4 Fights Off to Grab the Last Spot at the Finals

In the second semifinal, it was the turn of B4 and Black Dragons (BD) to face each other following a best-of-three format.

The first map was Nuke and B4 shot up the scoreboard early on. BD managed to win only two rounds, one on offense and one on defense. With a better performance during the whole match, B4 won after scoring 16-2.
In the second map, chosen by B4, the game was more even than the first match, and Black Dragons even led by 8 to 7, but the turnaround came in the second half.

Without much hardship involved, Giovanna “yungher”‘s team won with a 2-0 score on maps Dust 2 (16-2) and Nuke (16-9), qualifying for the second spot in the ESL grand finals.

ESL Impact League Season 2 Winter Finals – The Valkyrians’ Battle on Ice

Now, both winning teams must join Nigma Galaxy, CLG RED, NOFEAR5, Evil Geniuses Gold, ATK Female, and HSG in contention for the world title in Sweden.

The ESL Impact League Season 2 Winter Finals will take place in Jönköping on November 25-27th. Eight teams will go brawl through the Group Stage, based on two double-elimination groups with four teams each.
While opening and winners’ matches will be disputed following a best-of-one format, elimination and decider matches will follow the classic best-of-three standard.

The top two teams from each group advance to the Playoffs for a single elimination bracket. The team with the best performance in a Bo3 will be declared the grand winner.