Dota2: Boom Esports Won its Spot in the TI11 Main Event

In what’s considered a feat against all odds, Boom Sports successfully qualified for TI11 Main Event. Keep reading to find a full coverage on how the team defeated BetBoom & Soniqs, even though main analysts only gave it a chance of 1.42% of claiming victory.

How did it happen?

For the fans that were following the groups classification, it was evident that Boom Esports were at the bottom of the brackets and with little chance of success. Especially with the strong performance shown by Soniqs and BetBoom, something that let bettors to place bets in favor of both teams.

Even though they had a 1.42% chance of making it, according to analysts, they proved the odds wrong and became the champion of the tiebreakers.

Their way to the top started by defeating the group leader, Evil Genius, with a decisive 2-0. Along with the other positive results in the final day, brougt them an opportunity for a playoff berth, where they decisively defeated Soniqs and BetBoom.

Now they can move on to the next stage along with Evil Genius, a feat that has left the fans of the Southeast Asian team happy and motivated for what’s to come next.

In case you missed this amazing tiebreaker elimination, here you have an opportunity to watch it:

More than being lucky, it was their majestic performance that allowed them to claim such an improbable victory. Now let’s check a brief recap on both matches.

Boom Esports vs. Soniqs

Boom Esports opted for Brewmaster, Kunkka, and Bristeblack as the main picks for the core lineup. On the other hand, Soniqs picked Death Prophet, Templar Assassin, and Broodmother.

Boom Esports showed confidence and decisiveness since the laning phase, which led them to dominate the map during the mid phase. They successfully preventing Soniqs from executing their game plan, making their performance to fall short. The game concluded at 33 minutes, thanks to Yopaj claiming 10 kills and 14 assists without dying even once, bringing Boom Esports the Victory.

Boom Esports vs BetBoom

In a game that lasted approximately 50 minutes for the final tiebreaker match, Boom Esports claimed victory with a well-balanced and stable draft, composed by Faceless Void, Zeus and Enigma. BetBoom opted for a lineup formed by Pangolier for Denis “Larl” Sigitov, and Sniper for Nikita “Daxak”.

Since the beginning of the game, Boom Esports absolutely dominated the map, neutralizing all the efforts by BetBoom to defend their base. At the end, Boom Esports claimed a decisive victory.

Now with Soniqs and BetBoom out of the competition, Boom Esports has the opportunity to keep going strong, especially now that they have left the entire audience in awe.